Kmart’s Joe Boxer Christmas Commercial Sparks Controversy [Video]

Every holiday season, there’s a commercial that steals the thunder from all the rest. This year it’s Kmart’s Joe Boxer Christmas commercial that has stolen the limelight, and has received a bit of controversy. The commercial is full of Christmas spirit, but probably not in the way you’re used to.

The 55-second commercial, titled “Show Your Joe,” features six actors in tuxedos at a fancy banquet. Harmless enough, right? Well, what happens in the next few seconds has outraged Kmart shoppers.

The curtain they’re sitting behind is pulled away to reveal the actors in their shimmery Joe Boxers. Proudly, the six show off their bodies as they are shot from a full angle while they “ring their bells” to the holiday song “Jingle Bells.” The commercial alludes that the men’s testicles are swinging to the tune in their boxer shorts, which happens to create the sound of the bell — or at least that’s how this tongue-in-cheek commercial is interpreted as.

The “Show Your Joe” commercial with the squatting, pantless models is just part of the new campaign for Joe Boxer, which is both an underwear and apparel wear sold at Sears and Kmart. People who were outraged about the “racy” commercial flocked to href=”″> Kmart’s Facebook page to comment on their discontent for the men shaking their jingle bells.

One angry customer’s Facebook comment read:

“The boxer commercial is way too offensive for the American families with children watching. I know companies have to try to think of new ways to attract business but for some it could turn the other way. Some people may enjoy it but I would say the greater majority do not.”

While a fan of the commercial’s comment read as follows:

“I’m not a fan of KMart and don’t go there often but that Joe Boxer commercial is so brilliant I may have to go buy something at the store today!”

What do you think about the new Joe Boxer holiday commercial?

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