Kings Of Leon: Pop Music Is Destroying The World

The guys who make up Kings of Leon firmly believe that pop music is slowly killing the world.

Although they stopped short of revealing who they feel is contributing to the decline of popular music, the rock outfit feels the genre is in a very bad way at the moment. According to NME, guitarist Matthew Followill believes the genre is downright apocalyptic.

“Some pop shows I watch, it feels like the end of the world, it’s f***ing awful. It’s not even music any more. You would never want your children to watch [shows like that] and I can’t believe that younger kids, even teenagers are watching that stuff. It almost seems to be making the world a bad place,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald during a recent chat.

Bassist Jared Followill’s follow-up comment seems to suggest the Kings of Leon fellas are talking about Miley Cyrus. While they didn’t toss out the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s name during their recent interview, it’s clear that they have Cyrus and her ilk in mind when they’re discussing the world of pop music.

“They makes me cringe. I can’t watch that stuff. Not even just because they’re taking their clothes off it’s the whole thing, the dance moves, it’s not good,” Jared explained.

Chances are these comments won’t settle well with the folks who enjoy today’s brand of pop music. Considering the group has their own fair share of detractors, it’s always best to err on the side of caution when throwing shade over an entire genre of music.

However, Kings of Leon isn’t the only band that feels pop music really sucks right now. The Killers recently went on a similar tirade earlier this year. In fact, the guys went as far as to say that Americans have “retarded” taste in music.

“Breaking in the UK first was great because America is retarded musically. It’s upside down. There’s so much great music that doesn’t get the attention. There’s a lot of bulls*** on U.S. radio,” the brand’s drummer boldly proclaimed to the folks at The Sun.

Singer Brandon Flowers added:

“I start to wonder, what do adults listen to? Do they listen to what’s being played on the radio? You should listen to something that’s for you — not about giving your virginity to your boyfriend on Saturday night. It is retarded. Every song is that song. And if 40-year-olds are listening to that rubbish, they’re going to raise kids on it. It’s not even music.”

Are you a fan of Kings of Leon? Do you agree that pop music is ruining the world?

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