McCaughey Septuplets Celebrate 16th Birthday

You may remember the McCaughney septuplets when they were born in 1997. Back then, they made history as the first set of septuplets to survive infancy.

When they arrived home from the hospital on November 19, their big sister Mikayla was waiting there, probably a bit shocked that she obtained seven brothers and sisters in one fell swoop.

Life was challenging to say the least as diapers, birthday cakes and bottles all needed to be in constant supply – times seven!

Kenny, Alexis, Natalie, Kelsey, Nathan, Brandon and Joel are more than just the ‘McCaughey septuplets’, they are also very good friends and the love between them is clear for all to see.

Natalie McCaughey said about the septuplets: “We all just are able to — to help each other.” That comment was backed up by sister Kelsey who said: “There’s more opinions in the house. And just more people to hang out with and get close to and just tell anything to. It’s fun.”

Even though the septuplets get along like a house on fire most of the time, they don’t agree on everything all of the time. The brothers and sisters have very different tastes in music and movies.

Thankfully though, the McCaughey family residence is pretty big, which gives the septuplets the much appreciated breathing space they need.

Three of the seven already have steady boyfriends or girlfriends, and all of them are hoping to learn how to drive as they reach the age of 17.

According to the McCaughey’s, being septuplets isn’t easy as everything needs to be shared and shared alike. Kenny spoke about that fact that he and his siblings were discriminated against and even bullied:

“I guess they don’t like us because we’re different from a lot of people. There’s so many of us. Like, it’s not normal for a mom to have seven kids at once.”

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