Liam Neeson Won’t Appear In Hangover 2, Cameo Is Being Replaced

The guest cameo spot for Hangover 2 that was originally given to Mel Gibson, before being ripped away by cast member demands and handed to Liam Neeson might just be cursed. After movie director Todd Phillips realized the scenes shot with Neeson didn’t work he asked the actor to come back in and re-shoot, a request Neeson couldn’t agree with.

Neeson at the time of the re-shoot request had already begun shooting on Clash Of The Titans 2 and his schedule doesn’t allow for time to shoot other films. Realizing that the actors current cameo would not fit in the film Phillips has been forced to look elsewhere.

So who will be taking over the role? Nick Cassavetes is now set to shoot the reworked scenes, although given the cursed nature of the role we might see three or four more actors pass through the production of what is sure to be the funniest movie of 2011.