Google Maps Shows 14-Year-Old’s Murdered Dead Body, According To Dad

A distressed father has asked Google Maps to remove an image that shows the dead body of his murdered teenage son.

14-year-old Kevin Barrera was murdered in 2009, and last week his dad, Jose Barrera, who hails from Richmond, California, stumbled upon a picture that shows police around his son’s body. It was taken by Google Maps’ satellite camera as he was being discovered by officers on August 15, 2009.

Talking to Oakland’s KTVU-TV, an obviously distressed Barrera commented, “When I see this image, it’s still like that happened yesterday. And that brings me back to a lot of memories.”

Barrera has announced that he intends to complain to Google, proclaiming, “What’s the point to show those pictures to the people, you know, pictures of my dead son? This is really painful to the whole family.”

What’s even more painful for Barrera is the fact that Kevin’s killer still hasn’t been found, while it’s also believed that Jose will struggle to get the image taken down. As of Monday evening, it is still also accessible on Google Maps.

On Google Maps privacy page they state, “Your privacy and security are important to us. The Google Maps team takes a number of steps to help protect the privacy and anonymity of individuals when images are collected for Street View, including blurring faces and license plates.”

It then concludes, “You can easily contact the Street View team if you see an image that should be protected or if you see a concerning image.” This also includes the removal of images that also feature violence or nudity too.

The satellite image shows police officers standing alongside the body of his perished son, which is located near a set of Richmond’s train tracks.

You can check out the disturbing Google Maps picture below:

Last May, Google Maps helped to reunite a kidnapped victim with his estranged family after a 23-year absence.

28-year-old Luo Gang was taken from outside of his school at the age of five, however his kidnappers abandoned him in a secluded province, where he was found by a couple that then took him in as his son.

Luo still had a few droplets of information regarding his home, so he decided to type these facts into a website dedicated to helping reunite families with missing children.

A user then provided him with information on a Sichuan family who lost their son 23 years earlier. Luo was able to use Google Maps to examine the geography of the region, before contacting the pair, which ultimately lead to him being brought back together with his birth parents.

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