McStay Family Mystery Sends Radio Host On International Mission

The McStay family mystery continues with a radio host embarking on an international mission to find out what actually happened to them.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the remains of the McStay family were recently found in the Mojave desert.

Many questions remain as yet unanswered in the McStay family mystery, which is why radio host and author Rick Baker refuses to give up. Mr. Baker, author of the book No Goodbyes: The Mysterious Disappearance of the McStay Family, continues to pursue any available leads in the case. He has gone on an international mission chasing alleged sightings of the family, talking with the family’s friends, relative and business connections.

Baker spoke with interviewers about the discovery of the family’s bodies:

“It was very hard for me to put arms around [the fact that the family was murdered]. I thought I would meet them one day. I’ve traveled around the world to what I thought were verified sightings. I thought they were part of my family, and I grieved when I heard. Never in my wildest dreams or nightmares could I have supposed that the entire my family would be dead.”

Rick Baker originally became interested in the McStay family mystery during an interview in 2011 he held with Michael McStay, the father’s brother. Mr. Baker has traveled to Belize, Mexico, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and other countries in pursuit of leads on the McStays.

A video appearing to depict the family crossing into Mexico just four days after their disappearance was found by police, but they have said they never really confirmed the family in the video as the McStay’s. Mr. Baker also read thousands of the family’s emails, up to just days before the disappearance, hoping for clues or leads.

The police have officially ruled the deaths a homicide, but have not spoken on any other details, including cause of death. It’s thought the family may have been targeted by a drug cartel. Baker disagrees, saying the evidence points to an amateur who staged the crime to look like a drug related crime. He maintains that the family’s vehicle found near the scene was a plant:

“Why did they stage the car? A cartel is not interested in staging anything. The bodies weren’t that far off of the main road. A cartel wouldn’t want bodies ever to be found, and they wouldn’t be just 50 feet off the road. It looks like an amateur, and not a cartel hit. No one ever looked at this with a criminal slant. It’s more of a mystery now. Who would kill an entire family, bury them, then stage the car?”

Rick Baker has requested Amazon take his book off the market, with the promise of a refund because the purpose of the book was to find the McStay’s alive and well, and promote awareness to that end:

“My conscience won’t allow me to sell it — the purpose was for awareness, now that we know what happened, I can’t sell one more book. I thought they were part of my family, and I grieved when I heard. The people who did this, the death penalty is too good for them. They should be tortured to death.”

Police are still trying to figure out what exactly happened to the McStay’s, who ended up 100 miles from home. San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon revealed that some clothing was found at the scene where the bodies were found but declined to say anything about a weapon.

What do you think of the tragic news of the McStay family mystery?

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