Andre Ellington: Hair Torn Out By Jaguars, Dreadlocks Loss ‘Didn’t Hurt’ [Video]

Andre Ellington’s hair was torn out by Jason Babin during a play, but the NFL player claims losing some of his famous dreadlocks somehow didn’t hurt.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Ben Roethlisberger trade rumors claim the Steelers might try and get rid of the NFL QB during the 2014 NFL draft. But while Roethlisberger considered the rumors “B.S.” at least Tim Tebow wasn’t part of the rumors.

The Arizona Cardinals were playing against the Jacksonville Jaguars (who might actually wish for Tim Tebow to be their QB) when Andre Ellington got in a dogpile. Jaguars defensive end Jason Babin emerged from the play with black strands dangling from his hands:

“I didn’t even realize it, but they were stuck to my glove. I was walking back to the huddle and said ‘What is this?’ Sometimes that stuff happens.”

But after realizing what he had, Babin raised Andre Ellington’s hair like a trophy and then slammed it into the turf. This is how Babin explains the moment:

“When you play hard and fast, it’s anything you can grab. I get pretty emotional and passionate out there. I get to be someone else for three hours.”

Since even dreadlocks are considered to be part of the NFL uniform he wasn’t penalized. Although, he did suffer from some joking when back in the Jaguars locker room, with one guy saying, “If you wanna have big hair…”

Amazingly, Andre Ellington says losing a good chunk of his dreadlocks “didn’t hurt” and he doesn’t take the “dirty little play” too seriously:

“It’s a little taunt but what can you say? Hair is an accessory. It was nothing serious. We got the win.”

The Jags lost 27-14. Ellington’s hair was actually collected after the game by the Cardinals, bagged up, and then presented as a memento for him to keep, which is probably the oddest thing you might see in a trophy case.

But it could have been worse. Andre Ellington could have been plowed over by a 400 pound running back.

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