Tim Tebow: Jaguars NFL Job Offer Being Supported By Jacksonville Councilman

The potential Tim Tebow Jaguars job offer now has the support of a Jacksonville councilman.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, various Tim Tebow news reports are arguing over Tebow’s NFL stats, with both sides using the same information to claim he does and doesn’t deserved to be a NFL quarterback as a starter.

Despite contract offers in Canada, Russia, and even the Arena Football League, Tim Tebow refuses to leave the NFL. He also refuses to play a position other than quarterback and he reportedly continues to hold out hope even as he’s missing in action.

Fortunately for him, the Jacksonville Jaguars desperately need a quarterback to rally the team to victory… any victory. The NFL team has had a horrible losing streak in 2013, with their NFL record standing at 0 wins and 8 losses in the AFC.

Chad Henne is the current starting quarterback for the Jaguars and last year he was rated at 72.2 and had a 53.9 percent throwing completion percentage, with 11 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Henne’s completion percentage increased to 60.6 percent in 2013, but he also had 3 touchdowns, 5 interceptions, and his yardage dropped by a third. As a comparison, Tim Tebow’s QB starter record is 8 to 6 with 57.1 percent winning percentage. In 2011, Tebow had a passer rating of 72.9 with a 47.9 percent completion percentage but he also had a 2 to 1 ratio on touchdowns to interceptions and that doesn’t include his many rushing touchdowns.

For the most part Tim Tebow’s NFL stats are irrelevant to the real reason Jaguars fans want Tebow to play for them. Tebow won the Heisman Trophy while leading the Florida Gators to a national championship. He is also from Jacksonville and is opening a PDQ chicken restaurant in the area. Fans just want their hometown hero back and are willing to fly airplane banners, hold rallies, and put up billboards in order to make it happen.

Jacksonville City Council Don Redman recently asked Jaguars lobbyist Paul Harden for his request to sign Tim Tebow. Redman had talked to Jaguars owner Shad Khan about hiring Tebow but he responded the decision was up to Jags manager David Caldwell, who knows more about football.

But Redman says there’s other reasons to hire Tim Tebow:

“If you want to sell tickets, get Tebow in there. Draw a crowd. I don’t know why they wouldn’t consider it. It would be as good for the city as the jumbotron.”

Even if Tim Tebow wasn’t the Jaguars’ starter QB just having his name on the roster would allow Tebow-theme products, such as T-shirts and jerseys. After all, at one point Tim Tebow had the eighth bestselling NFL jersey so the profits from that alone might pay for the cost. Tim Tebow’s salary in 2013 is reported as $630,000 but NFL jersey sales from Nike apparently contributed greatly to overall NFL profits “growing 13 percent to $2.4 billion in total revenue for our fiscal year 2012 fourth quarter.”

Do you think a Tim Tebow Jaguars deal would make a good match for the NFL quarterback?

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