Tim Tebow News: QB Is Missing In Action, Where Is Tebow Now?

Tim Tebow rumors continue to mount in the news after the injury to Sam Bradford and many people are wondering, where is Tim Tebow?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the latest Tim Tebow rumors claim the St. Louis Rams could make an offer.

But Tim Tebow news updates tend to tread that familiar path lately. Sports writers know that Tim Tebow rumors draw in readers so they write them even if they’re unlikely to be true at all.

For example, Deadspin.com points out that the latest Tim Tebow Rams rumor was started by Mike Silver of NFL.com. The truth is that the St. Louis Rams’ only other quarterback is Kellen Clemens, leaving them without a second backup if the injury to Sam Bradford turns out to be great enough to keep him off the field for the foreseeable future. So the Rams will of course discuss signing up free agent quarterbacks, who happen to include Matt Leinart, Byron Leftwich, and Trent Edwards, not just Tim Tebow.

Even the original NFL.com article points out that “it is highly unlikely [the St. Louis Rams] will actually sign [Tim Tebow].” But Tim Tebow is made the focus because it’s well known Tebowmania will still stoke a fire among his many fans.

Some people are saying Tim Tebow sightings are becoming like Tupac or Elvis sightings. Tim Tebow is so famous that even media companies traditionally focused on following Kim Kardashian around are sending their people after Tim Tebow’s shadow. If Tim Tebow were to swim in Loch Ness, I think some reporters might have a conniption.

It seems like no reporter has managed to get hold of Tim Tebow in person for weeks. TMZ did spot Tim Tebow vacationing in Hawaii, but that’s about it.

And, no, before you ask that’s not Tim Tebow’s girlfriend, which is yet another subject of media fascination. That girl spraying suntan lotion on Tim Tebow’s glorious back is his sister. But Tim Tebow can’t even be friends with a member of the opposite sex without someone claiming the woman might be a girlfriend.

So, where is Tim Tebow amid all this controversy anyway? He’s turned down offers from Russia and said he won’t do the CFL. Part of the problem is that Tim Tebow’s NFL dreams are dependent on being a quarterback since he’s also turned down offers for other positions. But even the Jacksonville Jaguars don’t want him.

The closest clue we have to where Tim Tebow is at the moment, and what he’s planning, comes from close friend David Nelson, who played with Tebow at Florida and is now with the Jets:

“Tim Tebow still truly believes he can play and compete at the NFL level. I talked to him a few weeks ago. He’s still in shape. He’s ready to go.”

When Nelson was asked why Tim Tebow isn’t playing in the NFL, he said it was basically down to politics:

“I wish I could put my GM hat on. I think a big part of it, and this isn’t Tim’s fault, but he’s a polarizing figure. GMs don’t want that media attention. I can’t speak for Tim, but I think he’s going to keep pushing to get back into the NFL and not go to the CFL or Arena. I think Tim feels the same way I do. It’s hard to play in the NFL the way he did, win in the playoffs, do big things and then take a step back and play in the CFL. That’s a step down. I don’t see him doing that.”

With Tim Tebow news and rumors running dry, what do you think the former NFL quarterback should do with his career?

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