Family Surprises Bride With Amazing Broadway Performance [Video]

When this family decided to surprise the bride with a Broadway performance like no other, they couldn’t have imagined the video would go viral and get millions of hits.

The video, which lasts for almost five-and-a-half minutes and was posted on YouTube for all to enjoy is titled: “Vanessa’s Wedding Surprise” and it begins with the usual father-of-the-bride speech.

However, in an instant things change into a performance Vanessa and anyone attending the reception won’t soon forget.

The groom gets up from the couple’s wedding table and joins his father-in-law in song, to the surprise of his new wife.

According to the description posted by Vanessa’s husband on YouTube the entire family and close friends practiced for a month for the special moment.

“My surprise for my wife Vanessa on our wedding day. All of Vanessa’s close friends and family rehearsed for a month in secret, leading up to the reception. What we lack in polish, we hopefully make up for in joy and love. In any event, everyone in this video has one thing in common: We’d do anything to show Vanessa how much we love her.

A heartfelt thanks to all our friends and family who participated. Special thanks to Alex Lacamoire, who went above and beyond on the music tip, Sara Miller, for her incredible patience and choreography, Andy Blankenbuehler for letting us use his studio, and Films by Francesco, for filming and putting this together so quickly and beautifully. And thanks to Jerry Bock & Sheldon Harnick, for writing an unbelievably good song.”

Not only did Vanessa’s father perform, leading the group, but other friends and family, including the father-of-the-groom joined in the energetic dance.

The family who surprised the bride with their performance of To Life, from the timeless musical Fiddler On The Roof has become legendary on YouTube, not because of their talent, but for their enthusiasm and clear love for their daughter and friend. To Life!

What do you you think of this family who surprises the bride with this amazing Broadway performance?