Jennifer Lawrence Wants More ‘Hunger Games,’ Suzanne Collins Doesn’t

Although The Hunger Games: Catching Fire star Jennifer Lawrence wants more installments in the series, author Suzanne Collins is ready to move on to other projects.

Once filming wraps on director Francis Lawrence’s Mockingjay – Part 2, that’s pretty much the end of Katniss Everdeen’s adventure. Although Summit Entertainment and Lionsgate would love to make another movie — the companies are currently making serious bank on the flicks — chances are that won’t happen anytime soon.

According to the folks over at The Wrap, Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins is officially done with the series at the moment. The news arrived courtesy of a short and to-the-point statement released by Jason Dravis of The Monteiro Rose Agency.

“Another one? No, the books are done,” he said.

Although the fans, producers, and stars of the Hunger Games movies would love nothing more than to see more installments of story take shape, Collins doesn’t plan to churn out any new adventures at the moment. Of course, anything is possible down the road.

This news could severely darken Jennifer Lawrence’s day. While there’s not exactly a shortage of projects on her plate right now, the award-winning actress seems to enjoy playing Katniss on the big screen.

“It would be so fun. This is the best group and we have so much fun. I love doing these movies. I get really sad when I think that we’re almost done,” she recently told E! Online.

Elizabeth Banks also had her heart set on more Hunger Games novels. The actress, who portrays Effie in the movies, seemed eager to return to the role should additional books pop out of Collins’ head. As it stands, she might have to wait a while.

“I’d love to see Suzanne Collins write something else that we could expand on. We love these characters. I think people are really fascinated to see where their lives go,” Banks said.

However, her desire to move away from the Hunger Games series has nothing to do with the film adaptation. In fact, the author seems to enjoy how her books faired on the big screen. She posted a very glowing review of the flick on her Facebook page last year.

Collins wrote:

“Director Gary Ross has created an adaptation that is faithful in both narrative and theme, but he’s also brought a rich and powerful vision of Panem, its brutality and excesses, to the film as well. His world building’s fantastic, whether it be the Seam or the Capitol. It’s amazing to see things that are suggested in the book fully developed and so brilliantly realized through the artistry of the designers.”

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is all set to take the box office by storm on November 22. Are you disappointed that Suzanne Collins currently has no plans to pen any more adventures featuring Katniss Everdeen?

[Image via Summit Entertainment / Lionsgate]