Brandi Brandt Arrested, Trial Claims Playboy Model Is Part Of Cocaine Syndicate

Brandi Brandt was arrested and extradited by the Australian government. Now the prosecution is claiming the Playboy model is part of a drugs syndicate.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion Halloween party featured many interesting costumes.

So you have to wonder if anyone would dare to depict Brandi Brandt arrested and holding bags of cocaine when the next Halloween rolls around. Brandi Brandt, who was once married to Motley Crue bass player Nikki Sixx, is accused of being part of a criminal drug syndicate that smuggled “commercial quantities” of cocaine into the land of Oz.

Australian officials are claiming that between July and December of 2007, Brandt was part of a conspiracy to hide drugs on Qantas and United Airlines commercial jets traveling from Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. Airline catering company workers would then pick up the packages of cocaine to smuggle them into the country. Ms. Brandt allegedly received around $121,500 as her reward for being part of the scheme.

Both Brandi Brandt and her boyfriend Rusty Setser were extradited to Australia to face criminal drugs charges in court. Police say Mr. Setser referred to the drug packages as surfboards and sent out text messages like this:

“I need to run by you a package of boards that will blow your mind the foam is hands down the best on the market! These boards will blow your mind.”

The former Playboy model has not applied for bail or entered a plea. It’s not certain what prison sentence Brandt may face if she’s successfully convicted of the charges, although a maximum life sentence is possible.

Brandt’s lawyer, Anthony Solis, describes her as being emotionless:

“Anyone who is in custody getting extradited to another country that is very far away would not be happy, I guess. She hasn’t expressed any particular emotion about it.”

Although Brandi Brandt appeared in court this morning, Playboy has not responded to the controversy. Brandi Brandt’s Playmate photos from 1987 are still on their website and any allegations regarding the cocaine charges have received no comment.

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