Nicole Scherzinger Forgoes Underwear In Skintight Catsuit, Showcases Her Decision To The World

Nicole Scherzinger wowed passersby on Tuesday night by wearing a daring outfit that showcased her decision to forgo underwear to the entire world.

The X-Factor judge was seen walking the streets of London, on her way to eat at Sushi Samba, in a metallic catsuit that was laced all the way up from her ankles to her neck. The garment was designed by Julien MacDonald, and she attended the restaurant with the creator of the piece, as well as the British DJ, Nick Grimshaw.

It’s even been speculated that she flirted outrageously throughout the night with several males at the restaurant. One lucky man admitted, “Nicole just came over to me and my mate and started chatting in her sexy southern drawl. She was saying what a fun night she was having but she was being really flirty and kept giggling.”

However, in the end, he was unable to actually attain her number, explaining, “I was about to ask for her number ‘cos it was going so well, but she was dragged away by her mates, who seemed a bit worried. I was gutted.”

Earlier today, Scherzinger confirmed that she isn’t set to rekindle her relationship with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton by stating that they’re simply friends.

When asked about the matter the pop-star admitted, “We’re just friends. Just friends.” The duo began dating back in 2008, however since then they have split up several times.

Rumors about the nature of their relationship began to circulate early this summer, when Hamilton was spotted meeting up with Scherzinger at her Beverly Hills home.

Speculation was fueled even further when they were seen together at London hotel recently. However, she coyly admitted that these were purely social visits, stating they “just, um, met up to speak that night. That’s all.”

Scherzinger didn’t go as far as to admit that they wouldn’t ever reconcile in the future though, teasing, “Whatever the future holds, I don’t rule anything out. I also don’t have any regrets.”

It’s believed that the pair finally called quits on their relationship back in July, after five years together. Hamilton attempted to rekindle their relationship by dedicating his victory at the Hungarian Grand Prix to her, stating, “I feel like, the thought on my mind through the entire race was of someone really special to me. And I want to dedicate it to her.”

However, Scherzinger was left nonplussed by his dedication, confirming soon after that they were no longer together, and that, while it was “sweet,” his remarks wouldn’t convince her to go back to him.

She added, “It was sweet of him. I don’t like to take credit for things. I like to stay in the background but it’s nice to be acknowledged and to know that someone realises the support that they had.” But even then she admitted that she didn’t know what the future holds for their courtship, noting, “I don’t know what the future holds to be honest, but as it stands we’re not together.”

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