November 14, 2013
Dwayne Johnson To Star In The Drama 'Not Without Hope'

Dwayne Johnson managed to fit yet another film into his increasingly busy schedule.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you do with your lives -- the Fast and Furious 6 star will make you feel insanely lazy. Not only is the guy slated to star in the upcoming action flick Seal Team 666, Johnson just inked a deal to play former football player Nick Schuyler in the upcoming real-life drama Not Without Hope.

Based on Schuyler's memoir of the same name, the film tells the story of four friends who embarked on a fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately for the buddies, their excursion takes an unexpected turn when their boat capsizes. Schuyler and company were forced to survive at sea until help arrived.

According to the folks at Worst Previews, the families of the people who died during the trip previously felt that Schuyler was attempting to profit from the tragedy. Since the story is becoming a major motion picture courtesy of the folks at Relativity Media, the argument could rear its ugly head once again.

Although controversy could ensue over the movie, Dwayne Johnson seems more than happy to tackle the role. Schuyler, meanwhile, is excited that the studio plans to tell his story on the big screen.

"I'm humbled that Relativity was interested in paying tribute to Marquis, Corey and Will, and I was impressed with their vision for the film and how they wanted to honor how these guys lived and loved their families, friends and teammates," he said in a recent statement.

Variety reports that Brett Dahl will oversee the project for Relativity. He's also attached to help out with upcoming Jim Carrey comedy Loomis Fargo from director Jared Hess.

"Nick Schuyler's book is extremely moving, and Relativity is proud to work with the Rock, Nick and the entire team on creating a movie that honors this powerful story," CEO Robbie Brenner explained in the company's official press release.

Dwayne Johnson won't have a moment to himself for the next few years. The extremely busy actor just wrapped production on Brett Ratner's Hercules: The Thracian War, a project he's following up with The Conjuring director James Wan's Fast and Furious 7.

Word on the street suggests that Johnson recently signed on to star in McG's big-screen adaptation of the television series The Fall Guy. There's also a chance that the long-delayed flick Lore will move forward in the near future. If you love the guy's work, then you'll have more than enough to keep you busy.

What do you think about Dwayne Johnson starring in the drama Not Without Hope?

[Image via Paramount Pictures]