‘The Walking Dead’: What Does The Governor Have In Store For ‘Live Bait’?

The Walking Dead just dropped the biggest cliffhanger bomb of the season, maybe of the entire series. At the close of “Internment,” the fifth episode of The Walking Dead’s fourth season, we see a familiar face doing recon on the prison.

The Governor.

The Governor is back on The Walking Dead!

No one has been able to twist up Rick, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne and the rest of the Walking Dead’s slate of regulars better than the Governor. Not even Shane!

Speaking of Michonne, The Walking Dead’s female answer to the Terminator had just given up her quest to track him down, and it turns out he’s skulking in the shadows nearby as soon as the medicine search party returns to the prison. What kind of havoc will the Governor wreak in The Walking Dead’s next episode, entitled “Live Bait”?

Entertainment Weekly has some exclusive photos of the Governor in the next Walking Dead episode, although they don’t reveal much of anything. They just kind of show the Governor camping and looking disheveled. But EW’s chat with the actor behind The Walking Dead’s favorite nemesis, David Morrissey, offers a little more insight into the character and what he has in store for the rest of the show’s characters.

“He’s looking for safety, and the main thing for the prison is it’s the safe place to be,” Morrissey said.

“He’s looking at the building, I would suggest, rather than the people in it. Although the people in it are an inconvenience, because they’re in his way of getting safety. But it’s more about the building than the people.”

Morrissey, recently signed on for AMC’s Line of Sight, has indicated he has no plans to leave The Walking Dead any time soon.

Despite being called “a soap opera with a zombie occasionally” by the godfather of zombie entertainment, George Romero, The Walking Dead’s popularity remains strong. Evidence? The Walking Dead Monopoly set! In perhaps the greatest novelty edition of the board game everyone loves to hate—seriously, that is a masochistic endeavor—The Walking Dead spices things up like only the show can. The tokens include Michonne’s katana, Rick’s hat, Negan’s barbed-wire-wrapped baseball bat (bear in mind, it’s based on the Walking Dead comic, not the show; Negan has yet to appear on-screen), Dale’s Winnebago, a telephone and a bucket of limbs.

What would you like to see happen with the Governor in the next episode of The Walking Dead?