Man Kidnaps Ex-Wife For Exorcism

A man is accused of kidnapping his ex-wife so two priests could perform an exorcism. Jose Magana-Farias said his ex-wife was possessed by demons and needed religious intervention. He and his son Victor were both arrested for kidnapping, false imprisonment, and conspiracy to commit a crime.

The California men convinced the victim to meet them in a north Stockton Wal-mart parking lot. According to authorities, Magana-Farias told the woman he was interested in working on their failed marriage.

Lieutenant Mike Jones, of the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department, said the woman willingly got into the car to talk to her ex-husband. As reported by KCRA News, Magana-Farias refused to let her out of the vehicle. Instead, he drove to Stockton and Bay Point to pick up two priests.

The men took the woman to an undisclosed location to perform the exorcism. Jones said the priests performed a religious ceremony which included purifying the women with sacred oils.

Magana-Farias said he kidnapped his ex-wife because he was concerned for her well-being. He said she was obviously possessed as her personality drastically changed and she was exhibiting strange behavior.

According to Fox 40 News, neighbors said Magana-Farias is a “nice guy,” and a good father. The neighbor said the couple divorced last year, but they were still close.

The victim’s roommate called deputies to report her missing. Officials with the San Joaquin Sheriff’s Department said Magana-Farias eventually returned the woman to her home. She was reportedly free from injury and was not physically harmed during the ritual.

Magana-Farius and his son were both arrested and are currently incarcerated. Authorities said the two priests who performed the exorcism ritual will not face criminal charges.

In addition to kidnapping his ex-wife, Magana-Farius is also being held at the request of the US Border Patrol.

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