‘Payday 2’ DLC Pack Introduces ‘Armored Transport’ Heists [Video]

New Payday 2 DLC arrives tomorrow, offering several new missions full of high crimes and misdemeanors. Payday 2 is is probably the closest thing a PC gamer is going to find to Grand Theft Auto 5, aside from GTA 4.

Steam will release the first paid DLC for Overkill Software’s take on the dirty deeds done dirt cheap for around five dollars (UK). This follows a long list of free DLC updates, and as always, the game will allow anyone to play the new DLC as long as the host has it installed.

Payday 2 surrounds the story of a team of criminals who take on jobs that most law enforcement agencies look down on. These jobs include bank robberies and heists, which require cooperation between players in order to beat the mission. One bad team member could destroy the whole mission, letting a hostage accidentally escape, or not taking out the police before they get the shots in and kill the whole team.

The Payday 2 DLC is called Armored Transport, and not much is known about the specifics of the missions involved. If you pre-ordered the Career Criminal Edition of Payday 2 on Steam, you will get this add-on free, so your money wasn’t wasted.

The add-on takes place on five existing maps, and adds three new weapons and four “president” masks if you want to add a little Point Break feel to the mission. Also included are new mask materials and four new patterns for them.

One of the new missions is said to take place on a train, possibly adding an extra time factor to the overall fun. More details will be announced when the Payday 2 DLC release date hits tomorrow on Steam.

If you ever wanted to rob an armored transport without getting arrested, the new Payday 2 DLC Armored Transport may just scratch that criminal itch without getting you a real life criminal record.