PS4 Interface Detailed [Video]

The PS4 interface has been revealed in all its glory, three days before the console is officially released.

As the next gen console war comes to a head, Sony has revealed the interface for its PlayStation 4, which so far is the fan favorite. In general, Sony’s interface for the PlayStation 4 appears much more refined.

Before you even get into the main PlayStation 4 interface, Sony has built in an optional security feature to ensure that the primary account holder is present. First, the camera uses face recognition, grabbing images of your face from several angles to ensure it’s really you. Additionally, the console will require you to raise the DualShock 4 into view. Additional “guest” accounts can also be created, but they are erased as soon as they are logged out.

Of course if you’re the sole user, you can bypass the PS4 interface security measures if you want.

The interface lines up all of the major categories into a horizontal line. One of the tabs available is the “What’s New?” category, which acts much like your average social media website with status updates, recent activity, and more. Provided your connection isn’t too slow and the network isn’t down, you can hop right into your friends’ recorded video clips with no noticeable loading time.

The DualShock 4 can be used for multitasking, with the Home button bringing up a miniature dashboard so you can do other things while you have your game or movie paused. If you want to look up an FAQ on the game you’re playing, the browser can be used without leaving the game. There is no more having to pause the game and pick up your smartphone to look things up because you’re stumped.

The PS4 interface will now make trophies more or less impressive based on how often other players achieve them, so your having beaten the game with a perfect run doesn’t look just as cool as having viewed the intro sequence. Your bragging rights are right there in plain sight.

As for multiplayer interaction, the messaging system is not limited to just the console. You can even use an app on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. Additionally, you can also use the PS Vita to view and respond to messages on PSN.

If you’re the type of gamer who likes to host gameplay videos through a live stream, the PS4 interface even allows integration with Twitch and UStream. The PlayStation 4 always records the last 15 minutes of your game, which can be chopped and uploaded directly to Facebook and Twitter. More features are sure to come, but hopefully this is enough to get you excited.

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