Xbox One Fails To Update As Early Owner Shows Off Console [Videos]

The Xbox One failed to perform the mandatory Day One update when an early adapter tried to use the console before its release date. Apparently Microsoft is keeping the Xbox One side of Xbox Live down until they’re ready to release the console to the public.

It might have been nice if they had let the early consumers who pre-ordered the console from Target just play early. However, Microsoft is trying to keep a very tight lid on anything having to do with their next gen console, even to the point of taking down a YouTube video for the user showing Xbox Live functioning on their machine.

Around 150 customers received their Xbox One too early when Target shipped the consoles ahead of time, and Microsoft is making them wait to even use it. The gaming producer has banned its own console from Xbox Live most likely until the Xbox One release date comes along on November 22.

The videos you see here include a father and son showing off what they can of the console, even after the Xbox One failed to connect to the internet for its mandatory Day One update. Actually, it connected to the internet, but Microsoft gave a very harsh message right on the screen telling them that the console was banned. It’s the console that’s banned, not the Gamertag, but it’s bad enough.

It was reported yesterday by Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb that the ban is only temporary until a time closer to the actual Xbox One release date. However, the damage has already been done. Microsoft has made some early Xbox One owners very unhappy.

Had it not been for the necessity to connect to the internet to even use the console, this would be less of an issue. However, because Xbox Live is necessary to download the mandatory update, a 500MB piece of code that allows the console to even be set up, this means that everybody Target shipped the console early to has an expensive paperweight until Microsoft allows them to play.

Xbox One fails in many ways already, thanks to Microsoft’s tendency to be so secretive and strict. These were qualities we saw as early as the initial reveal in May, when they showed us their vision of “the future,” with used game DRM controls and the same internet connection requirement that gamers are having problems with right now. It was even proven that the PS4 will outperform the Xbone on key games.

There is no doubt that Microsoft helped Sony’s PS4 release date turn out to be a “perfect day” just because they refuse to let gamers do what they want. The games and the system are ready, but Microsoft isn’t giving us the option of using any of it.

It’s not even the console’s release date yet and already the Xbox One fails in its most basic functions.

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