Jaimie Alexander Explains Why She Chose Her Revealing Dress

Jaimie Alexander explained why she decided to wear that dress to the premiere of Thor 2.

Although the outfit left very little to the imagination, the actress had a very good reason for wearing the eye-catching Azzaro dress. During a recent chat with Yahoo!, Alexander said she chose the revealing number in question because it hid her tattoos.

“I went through so many dresses and I just thought, ‘You know what, this one covers all my tattoos!’ I wanted something old but edgy that still had some class. That’s my personality. I’m a huge fan of Azzaro, so I’m absolutely pleased that I get to wear that designer.” she recently explained.

While her tattoos were completely covered, other areas of her body were available for ogling. It was also clear that Jaimie Alexander left her underwear at home that evening. This left some folks wondering if the actress has her priorities in order.

“It’s surprising how dental floss can keep you warm,” boyfriend Peter Facinelli remarked.

St. Tropez skin finishing expert Fiona Locke explained to Us Weekly how the Thor 2 star got ready for her red carpet appearance. It actually takes a lot more work than you might initially believe.

Jaimie Alexander Thor 2

Locke explained:

“Jaimie has an absolutely extraordinary figure, but with such a revealing dress, we did a custom St. Tropez Skin Finish to contour the body — enhancing her natural shape and muscle tone. Skin Finishing adds a layer of confidence to your skin, making you feel a little less naked… Jaimie also had some natural tan lines that she wanted to conceal [She] added a second sweep of product to conceal any unwanted lines, creating gorgeous, even skin from head to toe.”

Since folks seemed to like the very revealing dress Jaimie Alexander wore to the premiere of Thor: The Dark World, Gwyneth Paltrow must feel a little jealous at the moment. Her barely-there dress didn’t receive very high marks during a red carpet event for Iron Man 3.

The Daily Mail writer Liz Jones took was particularly offended by the outfit, declaring it the “the most vulgar, look-at-me, attention-seeking dress I have ever reviewed in over 30 years of writing about fashion.” The backlash was immediately, prompting Paltrow to explain why she decided not to wear underwear with the outfit.

What do you think about the revealing dress actress Jaimie Alexander wore to the premiere of director Alan Taylor’s box office hit Thor: The Dark World?

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