Bethany Arceneaux: Family Says Rescue Was ‘A Miracle’

Bethany Arceneaux was missing for three days when her family rescued her from an abandoned home. The Louisiana woman was being held captive by her ex-boyfriend, who threatened her life on several occasions.

The family members were in the neighborhood after receiving a tip about Bethany’s whereabouts. When they heard noises coming from an abandoned home, they decided to bust through the front door. Once inside, they were confronted by suspect Scott Thomas.

After an initial struggle, the family members searched the home and found Bethany seriously injured, but alive. Uncle Marcus Arceneaux describes the scene:

“I was trying to get her in the truck and get her to the hospital. She was bleeding, and I didn’t know where the blood was coming from. She had blood everywhere.”

The 29-year-old woman was taken directly to the hospital for treatment. She was found to have multiple stab wounds, scratches, and bruising. After spending days in the hospital, Bethany has returned home to continue her recovery. The Advertiser reports that she is currently in stable condition.

Thomas eventually died of a gunshot wound sustained during the rescue. Kip Judice, of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office, said the investigation into the incident is ongoing. However, he said “family members were acting in defense of Bethany Arceneaux” when Thomas was shot.

As reported by CBS News, Bethany had an active restraining order against the suspect. Earlier this year, he reportedly locked her in a room and threatened her with a knife. In August, Thomas was arrested for aggravated assault, fleeing a police officer, and violating the protection order.

Three months later, he confronted the mother of his son in a daycare parking lot. After an argument, he eventually forced her inside his vehicle and fled the scene. Their 2-year-old son was left behind inside Bethany’s car. The child was not injured in the confrontation.

Bethany Arceneaux’s rescue is being called “a miracle.” Her family said she would probably be dead if they had not found her.

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