Uma Thurman Stuns In Sexy 2014 Campari Calendar Pics [Photos]

Uma Thurman is simply stunning in photos from the 2014 Gruppo Campari calendar.

The Kill Bill star recently posed for a series of dazzling pics for the Italian spirit company. Dubbed “Worldwide Celebrations,” Thurman poses in a number of outfits that depict festivals from around the country. You can find some of these images below.

“The 2014 Campari Calendar is a stunning piece of artwork. It conveys the positive energy and pleasure that Campari lovers around the world enjoy through worldwide celebrations of culture in such a striking and powerful fashion,” Uma Thurman said in a recent statement.

She added, “Koto Bolofo was fantastic to work with and inspired me throughout the shoot. The nature of my career has me all over the globe and there is nothing more enjoyable to me than basking in local festivities and culture. The 2014 Calendar captures beautiful vignettes of these worldwide celebrations and I am thrilled to be part of such a special project.”

Gruppo Campari CEO Bob Kunze-Concewitz said the purpose of the calendar is to celebrate cultures and festivals from around the world. He claims the images are designed to show the inherent pleasure that comes from traveling to exotic locales across the globe.

The CEO explained:

“Uma’s passion and style shine through in each and every shot in the Calendar; she is depicted as a heroine who truly embodies the conception of “global” as she discovers and basks in a diverse array of visually stunning worldwide celebrations. Koto has clearly brought his unique eye and creativity to the Calendar and has yet again helped Campari to produce a beautiful piece of art.”

Curious to see some of Uma Thurman’s outfits from the calendar? Check out the pics below.

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What do you think about the pic of Uma Thurman in the Gruppo Campari Calendar?

[Top Image via Everett Collection / – Bottom Image via Gruppo Campari]