Justin Bieber: Food Poisoning Stops Buenos Aires Show After Nightclub Brouhaha

Justin Bieber's onstage apology, and earlier food poisoning reveal, cut little ice with booing fans at his aborted Buenos Airies' River Plate stadium show on Sunday, or apparently many of the outlets reporting it.

While the reaction of the disappointed Argentinian audience is understandable, and certainly with tickets priced at up to $320, the cynicism in many reports on Bieber's food poisoning is noticeable. However, considering the social media he posted before arriving at the stadium, the prevalence of the condition in travelers, and numerous tweets confirming the singer's state by Believe tour members and fans at the show, it seems the Beibster really was sick and made a heroic effort to perform.

"I'm not feeling too good," the singer told concertgoers with the assistance of a translator. "I think I'm out of energy."

Rolling Stone reports, Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun, released a statement to AP Monday that said the Canadian spent eight hours hooked up to an IV drip before the show. Doctors reportedly suggested Justin cancel the concert. But the singer didn't, taking to the stage at 10pm, albeit an hour and a half after schedule.

Earlier in the day, the 19-year-old Instagrammed a 'selfie' of himself receiving intravenous fluids. It was captioned "food poisoning is #allbad," a reference to his latest single of the same name which was released Sunday, shortly after he won Best Male Artist at the MTV European Music Awards.

In a few posts, Bieber thanked fans for the win while revealing his ailment, adding that he'd had a "rough day," but was determined "the show must go on," despite being "actually pretty sick."

Seven songs in, nearly an hour of performing and an apology later, the singer stopped the show.

Bieber's stage manager "Scrappy" subsequently tweeted, "he tried his hardest, you guys don't see him in between songs when he comes offstage,I don't know how he made it as far as he did," while Dan Kanter, the tour's veteran musical director-guitarist added, "So much respect that he insisted on going back out there himself to tell the audience that the show could not continue."

Meanwhile, Braun tweeted a message saying the singer "had a rough night but handled it like a man who cares and put his beliebers before himself. very proud. he will be back!"

Justin Bieber Instagram With Drip(Photo: Instagram]

Bieber's Buenos Airies pull-out is the second untimely end to a show on his South American leg.

The piqued singer left the stage at his Sao Paulo concert in Brazil after a plastic bottle was thrown at him, knocking his mic from his hand. He was later charged with "vandalism" after spray-painting a disused hotel wall in Rio with graffiti, and if convicted will be fined. While in Brazil, the young star popped up in a video that showed him sleeping and purportedly filmed without his consent by a Brazilian female. The young buck was also spotted leaving a Rio brothel on Nov. 1.

After Bieber arrived at Buenos Aires' Hotel Faena last Thursday, the singer and crew were asked to leave days later after fans screamed outside, broke barricades, and disturbed other guests.

Following a concert in Córdoba on Friday night, the pop star swung by Buenos Aires' Ink nightclub early Saturday morning.

Fan Pandemonium At Bieber's Buenos Aires Hotel

Bieber was filmed by paparazzi being escorted into one of two vans reportedly carrying girls, while hidden under a black sheet and flanked by his security team. A confrontation between the bodyguards who gave chase to the club's house photographer, Diego Pesoa, and were seen assaulting him, AP reports.

The lensman's lawyer, Matias Morla, has accused Bieber of approving the assault, and alleged his bodyguards illegally entered the club's CCTV room to look at videotapes of the fracas. The lawyer revealed he obtained a court order preventing the guards from leaving Argentina.

According to reports, local police tried to question the bodyguards about the incident while Bieber's camp stayed at a second hotel, but the group moved to a private property inside a gated community.

The Associated Press reports federal police have confirmed that Pesoa's formal assault complaint is being investigated by federal prosecutor Dora Olivieri.

Having performed in Santiago, Chile last night, Bieber is set to perform in Mexico on Nov. 18.

The teen singer has announced he will be filming three music videos during the short break and earlier today tweeted a resolutely positive message to mark wrapping his controversial South America leg.