Curved iPhone: Bigger Screens Are More Fun

Apple have plans to release two new curved iPhones, which will include bigger screens featuring curved glass, and sophisticated sensors that are highly sensitive to pressure.

The two models slated for release in the last half of 2014 will feature larger curved glass screens. Furthermore, they will introduce sensors which can tell the difference between heavy and light touches.

The new curved iPhones will be Apple's largest iPhones to date, with screen sizes of 4.7 and 5.5 inches (12 and 14 cm). Apple hopes to get back some of the market share from Samsung who have been making phones with larger screen sizes for some time.

Dennis Chan, an analyst at Yuanta Financial Holdings Co. said about Apple's attempt at larger screens: "Screen size is one of the things where Apple has to catch up to the Android camp. Innovation in components has been a key for Apple since the first iPhone came out," he said.

The new curved iPhones are only in the development stage right now as they finalize the details. A lot of testing is also underway on the new sensor technology. This may not be ready for the next iPhone release, but will be introduced in a later model.

Apple are constantly striving to improve their phones and to apply strategic price points so that a wider range of consumers will buy their products. They are always testing and developing new materials to produce technologies that enhance device functions.

Apple announced last week that it will be opening a new plant in Arizona for the production of components for their iPhones which will create jobs and revenue for the state.

What do you think of the new curved iPhones? Will you be rushing out to get one or to pre-order one on the web or are you happy with the phone you've got? Share your wisdom in the comments feed below.