Ohio Child Killer Wants Organs Donated After Execution

Ohio child killer and rapist Ronald Phillips is scheduled to be executed on Thursday, November 14, 2013. Phillips has made a request that his organs be donated to help his sick mother and sister. His mother has kidney disease and is on dialysis, and his sister has a heart condition

While the child killer is waiting on death row, his lawyers sent a letter to the Ohio prisons agency stating that if his request could not be fulfilled, he would be willing to donate his organs to other individuals. According to the letter, Phillips is hoping that his death can bring about some good. The letter was released by The Associated Press on Monday.

“Ron is making this generous request without any conditions or expectations,” according to the letter obtained by The Associated Press. “He is nonetheless willing to do whatever is necessary to enable as many people as possible to benefit from his death.”

Phillips, 40, was sentenced to die for raping and killing Sheila Marie Evans, the 3-year-old daughter of his girlfriend, after a long period of abusing the girl. The incident took place in Akron, Ohio. A plea for mercy was denied last week by Ohio Govenor John Kasich. Phillips has dropped all other appeals concerning his case.

The state of Ohio is trying a new concoction of lethal injection for Phillips’ execution. As always, capital punishment cases bring the debate of whether we should execute criminals to the forefront. In this particular case, the untried method of execution is causing some controversy.

The convicted child killer and his lawyers attempted to appeal his case, citing that he was raped and beaten as a child by his late father, and grew up in a chaotic, filthy environment. The state says Phillips long denied suffering such abuse, and raised it only as his execution became imminent.

At this point, it looks as if Ronald Phillips’ last chance to do something good in this world is in the hands of the state prison system. Should the state of Ohio allow him to donate his organs?

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