Anonymous declares war on Sony over PS3 hacking case

Chris Greenhough

PS3 hacker George ‘Geohot’ Hotz just got himself a powerful ally in 'hacktivist' ensemble Anonymous. Hotz was the first hacker to crack security on the PlayStation 3, allowing (perfectly legal) homebrew software and (not-so-legal) pirated games to be played.

Since then, there's been a rap video, a lawsuit brought by Sony against Hotz, and accusations from Sony that the hacker had fled to South America (he was actually on spring break).

Things could get interesting for Sony now that Anonymous has entered the fray, and by 'interesting' I do of course mean 'quite bad'. Anonymous, which has previously hacked Gawker, Amazon, Mastercard, and computer 'security' firm HBGary, released the following threatening statement on its site:

[Via Anonymous]