November 5, 2016
Katy Perry Engaged To John Mayer? Engagement Ring, Scarlett Johansson Fight It Out

Is Katy Perry engaged to John Mayer? Or will Scarlett Johansson beat out any engagement ring?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, according to Katy Perry, stars like Miley Cyrus are getting way too naked. But so far, she hasn't said the same for Rihanna's topless Medusa photo shoot.

After briefly being married to Russel Brand, Katy Perry's divorce put her in bed for almost two weeks and she even contemplated suicide at one point:

"I was in bed for about two weeks. I was pretty f***ed, yes. It hurt a lot — I got a good knock.... I had to face the reality that things are not always on cloud nine. I was down and out, I'd lost hope, all of my confidence had been shattered."
But, even as she reported these past feelings, Katy Perry's engagement to John Mayer was said to be "very close." While the pair didn't announce when we'd see Katy Perry engaged, it's been several weeks, which lends credence to the latest engagement rumors.

Katy showed up at the MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam on Sunday wearing what appeared to be a large diamond ring on her wedding band finger. Although nothing has been confirmed, the idea of Katy Perry's engagement ring is popular, according to an unnamed source:

"Everyone wants them to get engaged. They are so perfect together."
Nowadays, many Hollywood actresses and pop stars tend to announce important life event to the public using Twitter or some other social media. While Perry did discuss her winning the Best Female award, there was nary a word about John Mayer or an engagement ring.

Ms. Perry did reveal she's had a crush on John Mayer for a long time:

"I actually am dating my crush. I had a crush on him for a long time, and it just so happens we fit together great."
Still, while we're expecting to see Katy Perry, John Mayer engaged, all plans might get cancelled immediately if Scarlett Johansson shows interest:
"I've told my boyfriend [John Mayer] that if Scarlett Johansson wanted to go out with me, I'd ditch him immediately. Female beauty can be incredibly powerful. Actually, I'm obsessed with beautiful women and their elegance. I like the paradox of appearing innocent and sexy all at once."
Would you like to see Katy Perry engaged to John Mayer? Or should that engagement ring come from Scarlett Johansson? (We're assuming it's a joke since Scarlett Johansson is engaged already.)