Justin Bieber Is ‘Love Of My Life’ Says Tati Neves In Insane Interview

Justin Bieber’s Brazil encounter with Tati Neves Barbosa, who filmed the teen singer while he slept and without his consent, doesn’t need a bizarre top-up. But apparently no-one read that memo.

Riding the notoriety that comes with capturing the Biebs on a viral video — current views are over 34 million and counting — the Brazilian part-time actress-model-bodybuilder with a very explicit backstory is talking to the press, and in one of two interviews took the direct route to crazy town.

In the first sit-down, which aired on Sunday with Brazilian gossip TV show Fantastico, the 26-year-old showed she knows exactly what punters want. After strongly suggesting that she and Bieber had sex, Tati ducked out of absolute confirmation thus ensuring inquiries continue.

Probed about getting biblical with Justin, the brunette replied, “He said we didn’t, so I have to say we didn’t.”

Pressed on ‘kissing’ details, Barbosa added: “What do you think? If I was sleeping with him in the bedroom, just me and him… come on.”

Tati claimed she was invited to Bieber’s after party at his rented Rio de Janeiro mansion by a DJ who had played a set at the nearby Zax nightclub which the singer went to after his Saturday show in Sao Paulo.

The brunette added she didn’t see the 30 girls Bieber reportedly arranged to have whisked back to the villa from the nightclub. So either every single outlet including IQ is off-mark, or Barbosa is.

“No, I didn’t see [the Copacabana girls]. Maybe that’s because I was already in the bedroom with him,” she explained.

So far, so 50:50. Bieber’s camp say Tati is the friend of a guest who was invited to the after party, which actually syncs up with her story.

But they also say she sneaked into the Canadian’s private bedroom when he took a nap and that nothing else happened. Insiders told TMZ and E! News the singer is unhappy about the violation and the idea that he would sleep with a prostitute.

But it’s the second TV interview that really exposes Barbosa as an extremist super fan and makes it easy to imagine a mental picture of her creeping around a villa looking for Justin, smartphone in hand. [The video has now been removed from YouTube]

Speaking to two presenters in what appears to be a club, things quickly unravel when Tati starts raving that Justin is “the love of my life,” adding God is “watching everyone” and that the “day of judgement” will come.

Her rant continued, “I don’t want to comment… Thank God I’m a transparent person, I’m going to clarify that very soon. I want to talk about my work, I’m a bodybuilder champion.”

“I want to ask permission to talk in the name of God because I’m protected by Him. I want to tell everyone who is watching that you people are also being filmed. He is seeing everything and everybody will see everything when the Doomsday has come.”

Just so we’re clear, apart from getting a No.1 on iTunes with his latest single “All Bad” (which has just happened), Tati’s club interview is the best news Bieber’s going to get today.

Laid up in South America with food poisoning as his Believe tour continues, Barbosa’s trip to crazy is just the antibiotic shot the 19-year-old could do with given his recent mishap list.

Brazil was a mess, what with the brothel, water bottle throwing and stage storm out, shirtless fan in Rio, paparazzi claims of an attack by Bieber’s security, and a vandalism charge for graffiti tagging he sprayed at a disused hotel, one of which was slammed by some as racist.

More claims of Bieber’s guards ‘selecting’ girls at the signer’s behest crop up in a report by Globo TV. An 18-year-old, Andressa, says that at the [Zax] club in Rio on Sunday morning, at one point the pop prince said “let’s go” to the ‘chosen’ girls and a van reportedly took them to his villa where some sort of 90210 pool party ensued.

Take it Biebs, it’s better than the world believing the probably deluded ravings of a good time girl with terrifying thighs.

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