Justin Bieber Video Violator Tati Neves Claims They Slept In Same Bed

The woman who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping without his consent has lo and behold got over her “upset” and managed to talk to a Brazilian TV show claiming alleged intimacies with the singer.

Tatiana Neves Barbosa, 26, who previously said she never intended the 15-second footage of the blissed out (and possibly post-coital) teen singer to make its way onto YouTube, sat down on Globo TV’s Fantastico program last night (Nov. 10), where she claimed she slept in the same bed as Bieber.

The brunette didn’t confirm whether the pair had sex. But, when asked if she and the “Beauty and A Beat” star had kissed, Barbosa answered with a loaded, leading question.

“What do you think, if I was sleeping in the bedroom, just me and him?,” she mused.

Following initial descriptions of Tati as a “part-time actress” and “bodybuilder,” highly graphic and naked pictures of the woman sourced from Brazilian websites have since come to light.

During the program Tati revealed she was invited to Bieber’s after party at his rented Rio de Janeiro pad in the Joa district, by a DJ who played a set at the nearby Zax club which the singer went to after his Saturday Believe tour show in Sao Paulo.

Reportedly, arrangements were made for 30 girls at the nightclub to be whisked to the teen star’s villa at his request.

After the candid YouTube — which shows Bieber asleep while wrapped in a blanket on a day bed as Barbosa films then blows him a kiss — surfaced last Wednesday, sources from the Canadian’s camp told TMZ and E! News that Barbosa was not a prostitute but was invited back to the singer’s mansion by another guest and later found her way into the star’s room and shot the clip.

Asked if she saw these other 30 girls arriving in the early hours of Sunday (Nov. 3), Tati replied: “No. So, I’d already gone into the bedroom with him.”

She claims she made the video of Bieber asleep the next morning as she was the first one awake, adding, “I was sleeping, and woke up, he was sleeping and I was speaking with a girlfriend.”

However, Mail Online reports that Marcus Mion, who owns the Zax club in swanky Barra da Tijuca, denied Tati was among the 30 girls who went back to the singer’s rented place.

“I know all the girls who went,” Mion said. “I personally went round asking inviting them on behalf of Justin, and I put each one in the van that took them there.”

He added, “Tati Neves wasn’t among them. She’s also not the type of girl who frequents the club.”

Speculation that Bieber met Tati at Rio’s Centauros brothel, which he was snapped coming out of last Friday night, has sparked after sources at the adult venue reportedly said they knew her.

Barbosa’s video, which went viral 24 hours after it was posted, has since pulled in over 34 million views — hence the demand for her “story.” Whether her claims are true or not is another matter.

For his part, Bieber is reportedly unhappy that he was filmed and is “creeped out” by the violation of his privacy, TMZ reported.

His previous six day Brazil blitz also saw the singer subsequently charged with vandalism after he tagged a wall of the disused hotel nacional. If convicted, he will face a fine.

The 19-year-old has been named by two other purported prostitutes who allege they had sex with the singer. However, there is no proof provided in either claim.

Justin has now left Brazil for Argentina where he performed two shows but was forced to abort the final show in Buenos Aires after revealing he was sick.

Earlier, the singer told his Twitter followers he had food poisoning, also posting an Instagram of himself with a drip in his arm.

The singer had previously been asked to leave the city’s Hotel Faena after fans screamed outside the hotel, destroyed property, and crowd control barricades when he arrived on Thursday.

Bieber has just released his sixth single “All Bad” from his ongoing Music Mondays series and also won the Best Male and Best Canadian Act honors at the 2013 MTV European Music Awards held in Amsterdam last night.

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