Justin Bieber: It’s Raining Prostitute Claims [Report]

For Justin Bieber it’s not just raining prostitute allegations, it’s a downpour.

A purported sex worker from Panama, Central America claims the 19-year-old paid her $500 for a night of “delicious” carnal, the alleged biological details of which can be seen at Gawker.

The claim has actually been in circulation for a few weeks and allegedly took place on Oct. 23, the day before Bieber’s Believe tour show in Panama.

Of her alleged encounter, the woman told CRITICA: ”It was delicious. It was super delicious, because not every day do you get to be with someone famous, especially someone like him. He’s a love of a man! A cutie patootie!”

She claims the teen superstar and his entourage picked out 10 prostitutes and took them back to their hotel, but says only she had sex with the Canadian teen — for an hour.

Describing Bieber’s relevant anatomy as “average,” the woman also claims she smoked weed with the heartthrob, adding, “There was so much emotion, it was incredible. I wanted to do everything with him. I did everything… He gave all of us concert tickets.”

It’s quite an account.

It could be true and it could just as easily be profit-motivated slander. Most outlets ignored it when it first surfaced, but after sightings of Justin at various adult venues it’s getting another airing.

Bieber was photographed in a Texas strip bar last month. An exotic dancer there claimed she gave the singer a lap dance, during which she alleges he touched her posterior and later paid her over $7,000. The “Baby” star went to the gentleman’s club with allegedly fellow big spender, champion boxer Floyd Mayweather.

Fast forward to the idol’s recent six day tour stop in Brazil. Bieber was spotted coming out of a Rio de Janeiro brothel Centauros on Friday (Nov. 1), covered by a sheet while flanked by his security team. The singer’s visible wrist tattoo and bodyguards were among identifiers. Justin’s camp later said he thought the brothel was simply a private “members’ club.”

Agence France-Presse reported Justin tried to bring two women (alleged to be Centauros employees) into his upscale Rio hotel but its management refused to admit them.

Five days later, following reports of more routine nightclub visits, after parties, and graffiti tagging, a 15-second video showing Bieber sleeping while a woman films him without his consent exploded online.

The video went viral, clocking over 33 million views and counting. Amid speculation that the female amateur filmmaker was a prostitute, the singer’s camp issued strong denials of this to TMZ and E! News and claimed the woman was just some girl who overstayed her welcome after his afterparty.

Subsequently identified as Tatiana Neves Barbosa, E! News described the 26-year-old as a “bodybuilder and part-time actress,” adding that she previously won the 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness pageant.

Now it’s been reported — this time with explicit photographic supplements — that Neves is a “part-time go-go dancer” and escort girl cum prostitute.

Egotastic republished graphic pictures of Barbosa from the gentleman’s magazine Private, where she reportedly advertised her services.

In addition [Note: credibility-wise this last item is suspect], one day after the “sleeping” video surfaced an individual going by the name of Gaby del Camp tweeted, “Thanks @justinbieber for the fresh dolla bills (sic),” along with a link to a picture of the alleged bills.

While none of the above proves Bieber pays to have sex with prostitutes, it does suggest he may at times like being around women who either sell sex or their sexuality for money, or that he comes into contact with them because of his hard partying lifestyle.

Of course, it’s not just workers in the adult entertainment industry that “sell” their physicality to get ahead. That description also fits millions of men and women in every line of work.

From pop stars such as Miley Cyrus, Selena ‘Come and Get It’ Gomez, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lopez and others, Robin Thicke, boy bands banking on the projected longings of tweens and teens, trophy wives and girlfriends, the attractive TV anchor, film star, cheerleader, models, male idol, toy boy, the ‘better looking’ executive, and pubs, clubs, and bars packed with males and females ‘shopping’ every weekend.

The marketing of wares is everywhere.

If, and this is a big if, if Bieber is experimenting with sexual experiences that’s his business. Unless he is a minor, mentally impaired, or acting under duress, or the females he has sex with are, providing necessary health precautions are taken it’s a matter of personal choice.

Many may think differently.

However, for a superstar like Bieber — who has sexual needs like everyone else and whose every scrutinized move turns every encounter with the opposite sex into gossip fodder, and was burned in a 2011 false paternity claim filed by Mariah Yeater which he later said made him feel like a “target” — it’s possible anonymous sex with someone who knows what they’re doing and can’t break your heart offers a less complicated option.

Or maybe not. There is no proof Bieber has been sexually active with prostitutes. Barbosa’s explicit history doesn’t mean he had sex with her. It just means she has an explicit history.

But the wider question is this: if someone — famous or not —- chooses to take the hassle out of sex for whatever reason, who are we to blame them and why is it any of our affair?