Woman Beats Up 82-Year-Old Man After Fender Bender

A female motorist from Chicago is accused of dragging an 82-year-old man from his car following a fender bender she had with him.

Sophia Body, aged 28, is facing charges for attempted murder and aggravated battery. She admitted on questioning that she beat the senior citizen for tapping her car lightly as he pulled over to assist her.

She said about what she had done: “Yeah, I pulled his a** out of the car and beat the f**k out of him.”

When Chicago cops arrived at the scene of the altercation the victim was found bleeding badly from his head and had a number of scratches on his back.

After receiving medical attention he told officers that he had pulled over to the roadside having been flagged down by two women. After mistakenly tapping Body’s car she attacked him with her fists, nails and a screwdriver.

CCTV footage of the vicious attack were caught on the camera of a nearby convenience store. The footage was handed over to the police as part of their investigation of the incident.

The second woman, who is believed to be Body’s friend, was also being held by police for questioning.

Body is being held in Cook County Jail on bail pending the next stage of her case. The victim is still in hospital recovering from the attack.

It remains to be seen what action will be taken by the court following this horrific attack on an elderly citizen by an infuriated and violent woman.

What do you think the appropriate punishment should be for Sophia Body? A jail sentence? A hefty fine? Or do you think she deserves the death penalty? Share your thoughts on the incident in the comments feed below.

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