Justin Bieber to Play Ashton Kuthcher’s Younger Self In “What Would Kenny Do”

Justin Bieber fans have our permission to freak out, rumors are circulating around the Hollywood studio water coolers that the Biebs is preparing to take on the role of a younger Ashton Kutcher in the movie What Would Kenny Do.

The movie would star Bieber as a 17-year-old-boy who is getting help through high school by his older 30-year-old self (Ashton Kutcher).

The premise appears to be pretty cookie cutter, however production is being overseen by not only Kutcher’s Katalyst Entertainment but also Will Smith’s Overbrook Entertainment which could really help the project develop.

Producers are rumored to be so interested in Bieber taking on the role that they are willing to push production into 2012 to allow the singer time to finish his World Music Tour.

A working relationship between Kutcher and Bieber appears to be developing as Bieber was recently tapped to revive Kutcher’s “Prank’d” series for MTV.

After seeing Bieber on CSI I would actually be willing to give him a chance alongside Kutcher, the results would either be wonderful or a complete train wreck, money well spent at the theater in any respect.