U.S. Marine Corps Turns 238-Years-Old, Oorah!

This Veterans Day weekend, the United States Marine Corps is turning 238-years-old, oorah!

Created in 1775 by Captain Samuel Nicholas, the Marines have participated in every conflict the US has been involved in since the American Revolutionary War.

Originally known as the Continental Marines, the military branch has been crucial in operations the US has undertaken throughout its history.

The US Marines operate on land and sea in support of Navy, Air Force, and Army operations during conflict.

Even though the original force was disbanded at the end of the American Revolutionary War, November 10, 1775 this day is still considered as the birth of the Marine Corps.

Vietnam was the longest war the Marines had participated in and saw them engaging in less conventional tactics with the Combined Action Program also acting as advisers to the Republic of Vietnam Marine Corps.

By the end of the Vietnam War the Corps had suffered heavy casualties with 13,091 killed in action and 51,392 wounded. They earned 57 Medals of Honor.

Following the war, the Marines saw a big drop in recruitment, caused by court-martials and other punishments due to desertions and unauthorized absences.

Before the September 11, 2001 attacks, the Marine Corps were involved in several high profile events including the failed hostage rescue in Iran in 1980, Operation Eagle Claw, the invasion of Grenada, and the invasion of Panama.

On October 23, 1983 the Marines barracks in Beirut, Lebanon were attacked with truck bombs that carried 21,000 pounds of the explosive TNT.

The bombing resulted in the highest number of peacetime casualties the Corps had suffered in their history and claimed 220 Marines and 21 other services members.

The attack led to the withdrawal of the Marines from Lebanon.

During the Persian Gulf War the Marines played a crucial role in the liberation of Kuwait.

Following 9/11 and the declaration of the War on Terror by President George W. Bush, the Marines have been central in obtaining the goal set, which is to destroy Al Qaeda, other terrorist groups and any nation that supports or harbors terrorists.

In preparation for the invasion of Afghanistan, ordered by Bush, the Marines began staging operations in Pakistan and Uzbekistan as early as October 2001.

The 15th and 26th Marine Expeditionary Units were the first conventional forces to enter Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in November of 2001.

In December the Marines gained control of Kandahar International Airport from Taliban forces.

As an important component of the military operations in Operation Iraqi Freedom, the Marines had a prominent role in the Invasion of Iraq.

They officially handed over their responsibilities to Iraqi forces on January 23, 2010, following President Obama’s announcement of an accelerated withdrawal from the country in 2009.

In a congratulatory letter, the U.S. Marines Commander, James F. Amos stated:

“This year, we celebrate the anniversary of several epic battles in our celebrated history: the 70th anniversary fo the 2nd Marine Division landing on Tarawa, the 45th anniversary of the Battle of Hue City, and the 10th anniversary of the “March Up” to Baghdad. Marines who fought in these legendary battles each made their mark upon the history of our Corps. They have passed a rich and illustrious legacy on to us – a much heralded reputation. It is ours to jealously guard, and it is up to us to make our own marks and thus proudly pass it on to the generations of Marines who will follow.”

The U.S. Marine Corps, one the fiercest, best trained fighting forces in the world, continues to make the country proud of their many accomplishment in their mission to protect America’s freedoms. Semper Fi!

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