Chris Christie 2016 Presidential Election Unlikely To Pass Primaries Claims Rand Paul

Chris Christie’s 2016 Presidential election is unlikely, if you ask Rand Paul.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Chris Christie has Shaq’s vote for New Jersey’s governor.

The 2016 election season trash talking has already begun. Rand Paul opens with a rather condescending nod to Mr.Christie’s more moderate political stance:

“There’s room for moderates, like Chris Christie, and he’s got a place in the party. Conservatives are a much bigger force than the moderates, but it doesn’t mean that we want to exclude moderates from our party.”

Rand then makes a totally-not-subtle jab at Christie’s spending habits to persuade everyone there will be no Chris Christie 2016 Presidential nomination:

“The road to the nomination for a moderate is actually pretty difficult because a lot of the Republican primaries are very conservative, and so someone who’s most well-known for grabbing up federal money as much as they can get, probably that kind of attitude may or may not go off so well in a Republican primary.”

Surprisingly, Christie got 60.5 percent of the vote in a traditionally “blue” state. Opponent Barbara Buono blames her loss on “Democratic political bosses” making back room deals with Governor Christie:

“Despite him representing almost everything they’re against. … They did it to help themselves politically and financially.”

Politicians caught up in self interest? No way… But Chris Christie does appeal to moderate Republicans, Democrats and Independents, so many are saying we must consider Chris Christie a front-runner for the 2016 presidential election. Governor Christie appears to simply have his current position in mind:

“I didn’t seek a second term to do small things, I sought a second term to finish the job. Now watch me do it.”

Republican are hailing Christie as the next potential Reagan for 2016, but Democrats are naturally threatened and as such have already begun their attacks on Chris Christie. Colm O’Comartun, executive director of the Democratic Governors Association throws the gauntlet:

“What’s worked for [Christie] has been to make sure that nobody talks about the issues, that people just get consumed with his personality-driven late-show entertainment, people will see past the bluster and the vaudeville routine that is the Chris Christie show. They’ll focus in on the issues.”

Christie’s office had no comment on the Democrat’s latest ploy, only saying that Tuesday’s election results speak for themselves.

So what do you think of Chris Christie for 2016; is Rand Paul right?

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