Whitey Bulger: Prosecutors Say He ‘Deserves No Mercy’

James Whitey Bulger is one of the nation’s most prolific criminals. On August 12, the 84-year-old man was convicted of 33 criminal charges, including racketeering, extortion, money laundering, weapons charges, and 11 counts of murder.

The notorious criminal’s sentencing will begin on Wednesday, November 13. Prosecutors have asked District Court Judge Denise J. Casper to impose two consecutive life sentences plus five years.

In their sentencing memorandum, prosecutors said Whitey Bulger has “no redeeming qualities” and he remains “one of the most violent and despicable criminals in Boston history.” They said he deserves “no mercy” due to the “horrific” nature of his crimes and his history of “sadistic behavior.”

As reported by Los Angeles Times, the sentencing phase is expected to last for two days. Before the judge makes her decision, the prosecutors, defense attorneys, and victims’ families, will have an opportunity to make statements.

The defendant will also have an opportunity to speak on his own behalf. However, it is unknown whether he plans to make a statement before he is sentenced.

Whitey Bulger is the former head of the Irish American Winter Hill Gang. He and his partners reportedly ran a profitable and violent organized crime operation for two decades.

As reported by Boston.com, prosecutors said Bulger ran a “massive criminal enterprise.” He is accused of terrorizing Boston residents for more than 20 years. He reportedly “extorted dozens of individuals, flooded South Boston with cocaine, shot innocent people, strangled women, murdered his competitors, [and] corrupted FBI agents.”

Although the crime boss was rumored by be an informant for the FBI, the details of his involvement with the bureau remain unclear.

In early 1994, the Drug Enforcement Administration, Massachusetts State Police, and Boston Police Department, launched a joint effort to investigate Bulger and his associates.

Facing pressure in the investigation, Bulger fled Boston in December 1994. He remained a fugitive for nearly 17 years.

The fugitive was eventually arrested on June 22, 2011 outside his residence. He remained incarcerated throughout his trial.

Whitey Bulger was also indicted on murder charges in Florida and Oklahoma. prosecutors in both states will proceed with their cases following next week’s sentencing.

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