2010 NFL draft one year later: Seattle Seahawks

Ok a year ago I was very happy with how the Seattle Seahawks conducted their 2010 NFL Draft. A year later I am still pretty high on what they did, even though some of the initial shine may have worn off. With that said I still think this is an above average draft class and if Golden Tate develops into the weapon I think he can be than this becomes an excellent draft class.

Here is a quick look at the 2010 Seahawks draft class:

  • Round One- LT Russell Okung
  • Round One- S Earl Thomas
  • Round Two- WR Golden Tate
  • Round Four- CB Walter Thurmond
  • Round Four- DE EJ Wilson
  • Round Five- DB Kam Chancellor
  • Round Six- TE Anthony McCoy
  • Round Seven- LB Dexter Davis
  • Round Seven- WR Jameson Konz

So the Seahawks made nine picks a year ago and seven remain with the team. Of those seven two are already entrenched as starters and at least two others are quality backups. Even though Okung missed six games he committed no holding penalties and looks to be this team’s answer at LT. Thomas got five INT’s and made 76 tackles. Tate only caught 21 passes but he did average 12.6 yards per punt return. Thurmond stepped in and made 37 tackles and saw heavy action in a few games. Wilson was cut in November, but Chancellor made 11 tackles on special teams and forced a fumble. McCoy had an injury and Davis was a key member on special teams. Konz hurt his hip early on and was cut in training camp.

What else can we ask of a draft class? Two starters, two more quality backups, a potential game changing wide out, and a bunch of guys making big plays on special teams. Looks pretty good to me.

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