Pope Francis Hugs Severely Disfigured Man, Image Goes Viral

A picture of Pope Francis hugging a severely disfigured man in Vatican City has gone viral across numerous social network sites.

The incident occurred in front of a general audience of around 50,000 people, each of whom had gathered to see the hugely popular Papal inside St. Peter’s Square.

Pope Francis was first spotted pausing in front of the man with the disfigurement. He then proceeded to pray for him, before then placing his hands on the man, whose entire face is covered in clearly visible tumors. The individual was so overcome with emotion that he then gently laid his head into the Pope’s chest, which lead Francis to gently caress him.

It has now been revealed that the man who the Pope comforted actually suffers from neurofibromatosis.This disease causes thousands of, extremely painful, tumors to emerge on the patient’s body, and eventually leads the individual to suffer from blood and heart vessel complications, severe disability because of nerve compression that is caused by the tumors, aswell as vision and hearing loss.

The Catholic News Agency also reported, “People with this disease – which is genetic and not contagious – often face discrimination because of their appearance.”

The newly elected Pope’s popularity has erupted since he was elected into the position thanks to his numerous, surprisingly candid and liberal, proclamations. Images and posts celebrating this latest act soon began to spread across the Internet profusely, with Donna Hosie even Tweeting:

Various other Internet users have since proclaimed their adulation for Pope Francis too. Here’s some of their messages:

Since began his tenure as the leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics, Pope Francis has made it his mission to connect to the poor, needy, and afflicted. His various messages have included, “Lord, teach us to step outside ourselves. Teach us to go out into the streets and manifest your love.”

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