Justin Bieber Reportedly Caught On Video With Prostitute In Brazil

Justin Bieber Reportedly Caught On Video With Prostitute In Brazil

Justin Bieber reportedly visited a brothel during his recent trip to Brazil, and now video has emerged that alleges to show him with a prostitute.

The young singer visited the famous Centauros brothel in Rio de Janeiro, but the incident on tape is reportedly a separate encounter with a prostitute that came later. Reports say Justin Bieber rented out a private mansion after being kicked out of the Copacabana Palace Hotel for bringing prostitutes back to his room.

While staying in the mansion, Bieber brought back a group of 30 girls that included some prostitutes.

The video that appeared on YouTube appears to show Justin Bieber asleep in what could be a hotel room, wrapped in a blanked with his red hat nearby. The young woman holding the camera then spins back to herself, blowing a kiss and giving a small wave.

There was no way to verify whether the woman who appears in the video is actually a prostitute, but a Twitter account for a woman named Gaby Del Campo was later identified as one of prostitutes.

On Monday, she Tweeted a message to Bieber offering the services of prostitutes.

Gaby Del Campo also posted a picture to Twitter that she said showed the stack of money Justin Bieber paid her, though she did not specify what the payment was for.

Justin Bieber has made other headlines during his trip to Brazil. He was spotted spray painting the side of a building, and cut short his show in Sao Paulo after a water bottle thrown from the crowd knocked the microphone from his hand.

It has not been confirmed if the woman in the video of Justin Bieber is actually a prostitute, or whether Gaby Del Campos is indeed the woman on the video.