Student Thinks About Performing ‘127 Hours’ Escape Route While Trapped Between Buildings

Things got pretty intense for NYU student Asher Vongtau when he found himself trapped between two buildings after a freak accident. The student was said to be trapped for 36 hours, and during that time the student thought back to James Franco’s performance in 127 Hours when thinking of possible escape routes.

127 Hours featured James Franco in a harrowing solo performance as real life hiker Aaron Ralston, who lost his arm after he cut it off to free himself from a boulder he was trapped under in Utah. When Asher found himself in a similar frightening predicament he started to assess the situation in the way that Ralston did.

The NYU student recounted the events that took place as he was stuck between two buildings. The 19-year-old called for help for 36 hours while he slipped in and out of consciousness. During this time he experienced perseverance from the film 127 Hours and would tell himself not to give up although his stress levels were tested.

Asher was rescued after his friends persuaded security officers to check up on the roof of their dorm. Asher’s cell phone was spotted on the roof which eventually lead to the finding of Asher, who was stuck down a 2-foot shaft on Saturday morning.

It’s believed that at the time of his accident Asher was under the influence of alcohol when he fell down the shaft.

According to Asher Vongtau’s mother, Habiba, her son was saved by firefighters that had to break through two cinderblock walls to reach him. His mother has said that Asher would eventually like to meet the firefighters that saved his life, and has compared them to Navy SEALs.

Even though Asher survived with both arms and didn’t have to make any drastic moves to free himself, he suffered a cracked pelvis, a minor skull fracture, and a perforated lung.

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