Ruben Studdard Bids Farewell To ‘The Biggest Loser’ After Shedding 39 Pounds

Ruben Studdard bid farewell to The Biggest Loser on Tuesday evening.

The American Idol winner lost an impressive 39 pounds over the course of four weeks. Unfortunately for the singer, this wasn’t enough to keep him around for another episode.

Although Studdard needed to lose 11 pounds to keep his team safe from elimination, he only managed to shed five. As a result, this put the singer on the proverbial chopping block. The 35-year-old’s trainer was understandably shocked by the number.

“Everything I asked you to do, you did it,” Dolvett Quince explained during the weigh-in.

Even Ruben Studdard seemed surprised that all of his hard work failed to pay off.

“I worked really, really hard this week. I swam extra. I walked extra,” the singer explained. “This experience is one of the toughest things I’ve been through.”

Sadly, Studdard’s inability to lose weight brought his stint on The Biggest Loser to an end. Although the singer made it through one of the toughest singing competitions on television, he admitted that his time on program was a lot more difficult than he’d anticipated.

“I’ve been through two-a-day football practices; I’ve been through the ‘American Idol’ experience; I’ve been through a lot of mentally and physically challenging experiences in my life. And this, you know, ranks right up there at the top. America, my voice may be soulful, but the next time you see me, my body will be sexy,” Studdard said.

The singer definitely had his work cut out for him. The Inquisitr previously reported that he was the largest contestant to ever compete on The Biggest Loser. Prior to signing on for the reality television show, the American Idol champ weighed 462 pounds.

To make matters worse, Ruben Studdard was also criticized for his excess body hair. Although trainer Julian Michaels wanted to take the razor to his shoulders and back, the singer said he wasn’t ready to let go of his “taco meat.”

“Y’all have womanized men. Back in the day artists [like Marvin Gaye] would be having their taco meat showing on album covers and everybody liked it. But now nobody wants to show the taco meat no more. I’m bringing the real man back,” Studdard told People magazine.

He continued, “Jillian is a hater. I don’t appreciate that. You know, I think everything about Ruben Studdard is sexy.”

Are you disappointed that Ruben Studdard is no longer a part of The Biggest Loser? Were you shocked to learn that he only lost five pounds this week?

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