Android Market Finally Gets In-App Billing System, Developers Breath Sigh of Relief

Android developers have reason to celebrate today as Google has finally released in-app purchasing capabilities for Google Android applications.

As you may recall, Google was a bit slow allowing paid apps onto the Android Market and one of the biggest qualms developers have had has been the lack of profit capabilities offered without in-app billing.

Developers can now offer “Free” applications, while enticing users to purchase in-app extras that increase their gaming experience, such as allowing users to advance more quickly in the games they are playing.

Google in turn will take 30% of the profits from in-app purchases, much in the same way Apple charges their developers.ou like t

Personally I have turned off “in-app” purchases through my Apple iPhone 4’s settings, but it’s nice to know that it’s there if I ever want to use it. Historically Google Android users have been less likely to buy paid Android apps then users of iPhone devices, perhaps this is the push developers need to improve their Android apps, while providing new features for their programs.