Missing Mississippi Family Found Dead, Suspect In Custody

A missing Mississippi family was found dead inside a Jackson home. Atira Hill, age 30, Laterry Smith, age 34, and their son Jaidon, age 7, were reported missing on Saturday. Timothy Lydell Burns, age 42, eventually led authorities to a home where the bodies were hidden. Burns is being held on charges of murder and arson.

On Friday, Hill contacted relatives to say she was going out-of-town with her husband and son. The phone call was reportedly brief and Hill ended the conversation abruptly. The following day, authorities discovered Hill’s abandoned vehicle.

Authorities found the Dodge SUV upside down in a ditch in Copiah County. It appeared that the family was involved in an accident. As reported by Fox News, the vehicle was on fire and the occupants had vanished.

Authorities were initially concerned that someone torched the vehicle to collect insurance money. After checking the plates, they contacted relatives and realized two adults and a child were missing.

On Monday, items belonging to the family were discovered in a gas station dumpster. Unfortunately, the items did not provide any clues about the missing Mississippi family’s whereabouts.

The Copiah County Sheriff’s Department eventually identified Burns as a suspect. After questioning, he led the deputies to the abandoned home. All three victims were shot dead.

Authorities believe the family was shot prior to the crash. As reported by WAPT News, Sheriff Harold Jones suspects the bodies were dumped in the house and the vehicle was burned in an attempt to destroy evidence. Jones did not comment on a connection between the victims and the suspect.

Family members said they have very little information about the crime. Great-grandfather Sidney Kersh said they were only told that their family members were found dead.

There are many unanswered questions in the deaths of the missing Mississippi family. Authorities have not revealed a motive or a connection between the suspect and victims.

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