Georgia Girl Found In Trash Bin Had Tried Running Away

A young Georgia girl was found dead in a suburban Atlanta trash bin, and new evidence has surfaced that says the girl not only tried to run away from her parents in the past, but that she had also showed up at school with bruises and welts on her body.

According to ABC News, Emani Moss, 10, has had a long history that proved she lived in a home unsuitable for children. After authorities found the burned and emaciated body of the 1-year-old girl, both her step mother, Tiffany Moss, and her father, Eman Moss, have been arrested and charged with her murder.

The Journal Gazette and ABC News reported that Emani had made many efforts to get tell others about the abuse she was going through, and even tried to runaway from home. On March 19, 2010, Emani, then 6 years old, had told a school nurse she was actually afraid to go home after getting a bad report card. She told the nurse that she was afraid her parents would hurt her, according to police reports. After looking over the girl a little further, the nurse found that she was covered in bruises, and reported it to the police.

Police took both Emani and her step-mother in for questioning, and found that Emani not only had simple bruising, but according to the police reports, she was covered with severe bruises and welts on her chest, back, shoulders, arms ad legs. At that point, Moss had been arrested and charged with child-cruelty. According to ABC News, “The Georgia Division of Family and Children Services signed a 2010 plea deal ordering Tiffany Moss to serve five years of probation for beating Emani.” Then in 2012, police reports state that Emani tried to run away from home.

The report continued on to say that Emani’s grandmother, Robin Moss, had suspected that Emani was being abused, but couldn’t persuade state authorities to grant her custody. Her mother, Danita Leaks also stated that she and Eman went through a bad custody battle for two to three years. She also stated that she had no idea that her daughter was being abused. “If I would have known that him and his wife were abusing my baby, I would not have let her stay over there,” she told the local television station.

According to ABC News, Eman Moss, and Tiffany Moss, have been charged with murder, concealing a body, and child cruelty, and are being held without bond in the Gwinnett County jail.

[Image via ABC News]

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