LAX Shooter’s Family Are ‘Shocked And Numbed’ By Shooting

LAX Shooter Paul Ciancia’s family has said in a statement through their attorney that they hare both “shocked and numbed” by what Paul did. Paul Ciancia was arrested after allegedly opening fire in Terminal 3 at LAX where he shot and killed a TSA agent.

According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, Ciancia was identified by police as the 23-year-old who walked into Los Angeles International Airport on Friday and opened fire, injuring seven and killing one. The shooting not only affected the victims and their families, but also the family of suspect Paul Ciancia

According to ABC News, Ciancia’s family attorney,John Jordan,spoke outside of the Pennsville, New Jersey police station today in the town where Ciancia grew up and lived with his family. While the family has asked for their privacy, they wanted to extend their sympathies to the family of Gerardo L. Hernandez, the TSA officer who was killed. Jordan continued on to say at a press conference that the family is cooperating with authorities in order to fully understand what exactly happened.

“Paul is our son and brother. We will continue to love him and care for him,” the attorney said on the family’s behalf. “We hope the public will understand this is difficult time for our family too. The Ciancia family and their friends and neighbors need time to heal, so we ask that you please respect our privacy. “

The Inquisitr reported that Paul Ciancia reportedly holds strong anti-government views and that officials told reporters that he was wearing fatigues and was found with a hand-written note that said he “wanted to kill TSA and pigs.”

The Inquisitr also reported that the note read: “If I just kill one, my mission is accomplished.” The report also stated that Paul Ciancia, the suspected LAX shooter, was carrying a Smith & Wesson.223-caliber M&P-15 rifle and five loaded magazines and extra ammunition in a bag.

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