Courtney Stodden Mum On Divorce Rumors

Rumors are flying that Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have split up but both celebrities are keeping quiet.

Stodden has talked about her relationship problems in the past. During an episode of Big Brother UK, Stodden said that she was craving a little more independence. Stodden was only 16-years-old when she married the 51-year-old actor and has truly never been on her own.

Stodden said: “He means so much more to me than this freaking house and I don’t want to leave this house feeling so strong and independent that I can’t depend on him anymore. I don’t ever want him to let go and I don’t want him to let go… I’m trying to balance everything. I’m only 19 and I’m trying to balance everything.”

A source said that the “dynamic has completely changed” between Stodden and Hutchison. The Lost actor wasn’t at Stodden’s party for Halloween this weekend and many people believe that this is a sign that the two have broken up.

So why haven’t they gone public? A source said that Stodden and Hutchison are trying to maintain their relationship for professional reasons. They will announce their divorce when they can fully cash in on the publicity.

A source said: “Everything with Courtney and Doug is so contrived, but he wasn’t with her at her Halloween party and she’s always doing things by herself lately… He just isn’t part of the scene anymore now. They’ll probably stage a photo opp just to pretend they’re still together though. But it’s over.”

Of course, that’s just the rumor.

Courtney Stodden hasn’t commented on the rumor yet and her rep recently denied that a divorce was coming.

The reality star’s rep said: “Doug and Courtney are not separated… Doug was not at last night’s party, but they are still living together. They both have great love for each other.”

Do you think Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison have broken up?

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