Bigfoot Hunters Arrested In Oklahoma

Three Bigfoot hunters were arrested in Rogers County, Oklahoma, with one shot and wounded.

It appears the Bigfoot craze is back, with scientists claiming to have found evidence that the creature actually exists, only to discover it was bear hair, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Such a discovery has undoubtedly created a newfound love for the unusual sport, with hunters simply wanting their fifteen minutes of fame if they happen to find the elusive Yeti.

What scientists did find was an odd version of a polar bear which had been in the Himalayas a long time ago, as the hair samples they had matched the DNA of ancient skulls found in that area. That isn’t stopping avid hunters from trying to find the most likely mythical Bigfoot, or possibly claiming to as they accidentally commit what could have been murder.

The latter is what may have happened when three Bigfoot hunters were arrested after one got shot in the back. Oklahoma Sheriff’s Deputies say the three had claimed they were searching for Bigfoot near the corner of 177th East Avenue and Tiger Switch Road Saturday night. One of them said he heard a noise, jerked his gun, and accidentally shot his friend in the back.

The man shot is expected to survive, though the weapon has reportedly vanished. The Bigfoot hunters said they handed the gun to an older man who happened to be a convicted felon. The older man allegedly disposed of the gun.

After the shooting, the men had called 911 and told emergency responders what happened as they met at the nearby QuikTrip. Why they handed the gun off to someone else before calling authorities is one aspect of the story that is leading police to question what really happened. Their stories were allegedly inconsistent, and drugs or alcohol may have been involved.

Sheriff Scott Walton said about the Bigfoot hunters arrested and their initial story, “When you start off with an explanation like that, do you believe anything after that? … Our efforts now are to locate the weapon that was used.”

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