Fans Horrified As Unconscious Denver Nuggets Mascot Lowered From Ceiling [Watch]

The Denver Nuggets‘ home opener against the Portland Trail Blazers on Friday night was marked by a scary moment when the teams mascot Rocky, was lowered in an unconscious state from the Pepsi Center’s arena ceiling. According to source “Rocky” suffered from a dizzy spell and lost consciousness just as he was being lowered.

As the Denver Nuggets mascot reached the floor he collapsed in front of 19,155 worried fans.

The team planned to lower Rocky on the harness so he could perform in front of the teams fans. Instead just as Rocky collapsed to the ground the spotlight that was highlighting his descent turned off.

Eventually Rocky, who was looked over by medical personnel, managed to walk himself off the court.

Team officials quickly responded by noting that Rocky only had the wind knocked out of himself and would remain out for the game.

Fans were horrified because it appeared that the Nuggets mascot was actually hanging by his neck. His costume, which features a large head, had blocked the view of a harness that was secured around his back.

Following his scary moment the Denver Nuggets mascot left the following message on his @TheSuperMascot Twitter account:

The NBA is no stranger to injury but typically those injuries are not the result of a team mascot being knocked out while traveling down from an arena’s ceiling.

I’m pretty sure that anyone who was already afraid of mascots didn’t particularly enjoy watching a seemingly dead mascot hanging from the ceiling of the Pepsi Center.

In any case we are happy to hear that “Rocky” is doing well and wasn’t permanently injured because of the stunt gone wrong.

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