Curly Fries Trail Leads To Alleged Fast-Food Groper

Police were hot in hot pursuit of… of curly fries.

Apparently the curly fries fan who allegedly groped a fast-food worker was unable to stay on the straight and narrow.

Police tracked the man who allegedly groped a drive-thru employee at about 8 pm because he left a trail of curly fires and ketchup.

The suspect groped the female employee as she handed him his food at the window. He drove off, and the worker called 911. The incident occurred at an Arby’s in East Lampeter township, Pa.

He didn’t get very far according to NBC News. “The employee gave police a description of the car, which was found outside a motel less than a mile away. Authorities said they spotted a trail of Arby’s curly fries and sauce from the vehicle to the room of 36-year-old James Cowan of Fitzgerald, Ga.” He was subsequently taken into custody at a local bar early the next day.

Workers told police that the suspect appeared to be intoxicated. The alleged drive-thru groper was charged with indecent assault and released on bail, pending a court hearing.

Given the increasing number of altercations at the drive-thru window, and at fast-food restaurants in general, perhaps workers should get hazardous duty pay. Among various incidents, a Dunkin’ Donuts employee recently got pistol whipped because he served the wrong flavor of coffee to a customer at the drive-thru window. Earlier in the summer, a Wendy’s customer had a non-violent “melt” down at the drive-thru window because he asked for a hamburger, not a cheeseburger, and he of course received a cheeseburger. Back in April, a police detective pointed a gun at a customer in the drive-thru window because the customer was supposedly holding up the line.

It remains to be seen if the curly fries and sauce trail is sufficient evidence against the suspect, or as CBS News wonders, “Will a trail… lead to a trial.”

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