Michigan Man Demands FBI Pay Him $25 Million For Bin Laden Tip [Video]

A Michigan man is demanding that the FBI pay him millions of dollars because he accurately told them where Osama bin Laden was.

Grand Rapids, Michigan gem merchant Tom Lee claims he told the FBI where Osama bin Laden was hiding eight years before they found him there. He wants the FBI to pay him the price which had been on the terrorist leader’s head now that bin Laden has been found and shot right where Tom Lee said he was.

Tom Lee, 63, allegedly told an FBI special agent that bin Laden was hiding in the Abbottabad, Pakistan compound in 2003. He sent a letter explaining this to FBI Director James Comey in August, via a high-powered attorney working for Loevy & Loevy.

The problem with Tom Lee’s story is that the compound in question allegedly hadn’t even been completed until 2005, according to official reports, and the terrorist hadn’t moved in there until 2006. One such report came directly from one of bin Laden’s wives, who said that they had only been there for five or six years when the raid happened in 2011.

The Michigan man, of Egyptian descent, said that he had learned of the compound through a Pakistani intelligence agent who had allegedly told Tom Lee he had personally moved the terrorist and his family into the compound. Said agent was allegedly a member of an anti-Al Qaida family who had been working with Tom Lee for decades.

US officials said they would not be paying the $25 million price on Osama bin Laden’s head because their information allegedly came from watching the movements of a key courier in and out of the compound, and not from an external tip.

The Michigan man is said to be entitled to the award, according to the law firm, which stated:

“Once Mr. Lee learned that [US] forces had killed Osama bin Laden in the precise location he had identified … in 2003, (he) made numerous attempts to contact the Grand Rapids FBI field office in order to claim his reward. Unfortunately, all of Mr. Lee’s communications to that office have gone unanswered to date, as has his electronic submission to the FBI via its website.”

Tom Lee told the press Friday, “It disturbs me, and it should disturb every American, that I told them exactly where bin Laden was in 2003, and they let him live another eight years.”

Who do you think is telling the truth? Is it the Michigan man demanding the reward for the tip on Osama bin Laden, or the US officials?

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