Jerry Glanville to coach Hartford Colonials

The United Football League needed to make a big PR splash, it needed to give their fans some hope for the future of this league, and while this news doesn’t quite do all that, this league just got itself a real character. Jerry Glanville has been named the Head Football Coach and the General Manger of the Hartford Colonials.

While Glanville is a total character, and guaranteed media draw, his success of the field will always remain in question. Remember we are talking about the guy who pledged from day one that it would take a plane crash for him to play Brett Favre in a NFL game. It helped hasten Favre’s exit from Atlanta and a move that likely saved his NFL career. Of course Glanville is also the guy who left a ticket for Elvis Presley at the will call booth.

Glanville openly mocks other players, teams and coaches and could easily be the UFL’s version of one Rex Ryan. All in all I really like this move. Not enough people know about the UFL yet, and Glanville is certain to bring in a lot of media attention, especially when he starts up with his antics. The real deal here is this Glanville is a popular figure not only in the football world, but in the world of Motorsports as well. He will help bring in media attention to a league that desperately needs it.

While I view this move mostly as a positive one, I do know that Glanville’s overall record as a head coach in the NFL is 63-73 and in college a far worse 9-24. What that means for the Colonials I cannot say yet, but this is one UFL team that has really failed to get any traction so maybe a major shakeup like this one will be exactly what they need.

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